pic: 166's '08 Robot: Atlas


Here is 166’s 2008 robot, Atlas.

It is probably the nicest and cleanest looking 166 robot to date (aside from the crooked front bumper, but we can fix that easily)

We had our practice robot finished and driving around Thursday night (2/14) and this robot finished Monday (2/18).

The only device that you can’t see here is the Kicker. It is a pneumatic piston that is designed to launch the ball a short distance to aid in hurdling. We are still working out how to get enough weight to put the kicker back on.

It doesn’t look like it should be that heavy, but it is, unfortunately.

For hurdling, do you just do an over the head fling? How does your gripper unfurl then grip the ball, as it certainly looks pretty nifty in the starting position! Does the firing of those two pistons unfurl it and grip the ball? Or is there something else hiding that actuates the paddles? Can you guys still hurdle well without the kicker?

Did you guys go with a mecanum wheels again?

Another very nice looking robot for the Chop Shop, see you guys next weekend!

There’s a four bar linkage that actuates and grabs the ball.

Without the kicker, hurdling is tedious, not very reliable, takes forever, and uses a lot of air. We have to place the ball, then knock it off with the grippers themselves.

With the kicker, we just line up, and shoot and the ball is launched forward. It’s not as far as most of the launchers you see here, but it’s far enough to get the ball across the overpass.

And yes, we are still using the mecanum wheels

We have a really good plan about saving weight, I’m just waiting to get pictures off of my camera so I can post them here.

It looks really good Dan. I’m looking forward to seeing it in action at Wisconsin.

Nice Job! You must have had a buzy weekend!!!

Best of luck - see you in Manchester