pic: 166's build season schedule


This is 166’s schedule that covers everything over the 6 week build season including animation and chairman’s.

It’s got very generic action items that are going to be done by each of the groups seeing as it was created before we got the game.

The schedule says we should have a finished, fully functional robot by 2/7. Sounds reasonable, right?

Nice GANTT chart. The one I made isnt so long but I didnt bother to print it since Kinkos isnt cheap.

Is “sleep” in there anywhere?? :slight_smile:

That’s just the generic list of course.

If you find it’s looking like your end date isn’t going to happen, try using food as a motivator; one of our mentors is a chef, and he’s promised our entire team a free lunch (cooked by just him) if we have the robot done (or basically done) by the end of week 4.

That’s an EXCELLENT idea!! Maybe I should suggest to the teachers/mentors they threaten to starve the team until they complete an objective…hmm…

Looks to me like they accounted for it. You see those lines with the very small ranges? My guess is that’s sleep. Notice how they stagger the sleep intervals for different team members so they don’t have overlap :stuck_out_tongue:

WOW I made one of those, I Thought 21 “General” catergories was a bunch, psycho project management engineers

last year we reached the point where we locked ourselves in a room until we figured out what design we were going to try to build (this was week 3, mind you). there was yelling, fighting, throwing of things, general ugliness. this year we made a calendar. it’s not too fancy, but it’s only our sophomore season. nice work, though!

what there is sleep durin season:eek:

haha, apparently there is… :]

Yeah, that sounds like a pretty good idea except for the fact that we only eat lunch of Saturdays at the school, and the food is already free…

As for the sleep… hmm I guess we forgot that part.

All I know is that I am way behind schedule as far as sleep goes.

I’ll relay the comments to the engineer who put it all together. What’s more amazing about it is the fact that before this year, he had no idea what FIRST was.

2/7? We’re shooting for more like January 22 or there abouts to have a running robot.

Our goal is to give the programmers a bot with a drive train and camera early next week, and to have the arm done a week later. Our end goal is to have a whole robot running and basically shippable (excluding code) by the end of January.