pic: 1671 Electronics Board (90%)


How do you feel the ribbon cable effects speeds of the Crio???

We used ribbon last year with no problems. Kent, I can’t tell from the picture but I see wires leaving the jaguars and going between two c channels on either side of the robot. If they (the channels) are at the same level, a good hit to the side of the robot might pinch the wiring. I like the layout, everything centered in the robot and short wiring that an inspector can easily see.

Rick as to your post above, we’ve noticed zero difference between ribbon and cable.

Al, to your point we already corrected that wire routing to go down through the board vs. around the outside edge just for that reason. This was a temporary mounting and hookup to get the bot ready for our open house event. Thanks for the feedback!

Looks great.
Thanks Kent you have really helped our electronics team out this year.
We really appreciate it. ::safety::