pic: 1671 Practice Day Antics

8 and 9 stack on practice day at Sacramento Regional.

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Seems pretty cool. Was the Field Crew receptive of doing this? I feel like it puts reset in somewhat more “danger” than they normally would be.

IRI announced their rule changes already?

You mean you haven’t started practicing this yet? With your new facility, you don’t have any excuses for not being able to demonstrate this at Lone Star :wink:

This will not get you as many points as you think. Only the first six will count

They know that…I think it was to see if they could…and it was practice day…

Out of curiousity, where in the game rules does it say that? I assumed it was the case since nobody ever stacked higher than six totes (and it would start to get dangerous anyway) but I could not find it in the rules or the Q&A. first sentence in the TOTES subsection:

A Gray TOTE is scored if it is fully supported by a SCORING PLATFORM and no portion of the TOTE extends above the top of the

Aaah, thanks. I was going mad trying to search for terms such as “six” or “maximum” or “limit” and not finding it.

Your stacks look so much prettier than ours(4543) Your robot is a game killer. Great design.