pic: 1675 - 2011

Finished 2011 robot. Yes the gearboxes on the roller claw are held on by zip ties - waiting for the real ones to arrive. They will be installed in Milwaukee. Should have the arm fully anodized (and a bit lighter) as well thanks to the witholding allowance.

See video here: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=92371

Will you be covering up those precious electronics?

Make sure your arm either physically cannot hit your electronics, or put on a reliable cover!

Looks good though. It looks like that front roller articulates?

Trust me, I was freakin’ out about their setup with the electronics too, but it’s currently not possible for it to touch the electronics as well as extra shields are going into place.

EDIT: Actual conversation yesterday:

Me: “Ah, i see there should be a couple inches at the very bottom between it and the cRIO.”
Mechanical: “Inches?”

You team is almost done?! I was looking forward to a repeat of last year when you shipped an almost bare frame, and had the robot completely built and inspected by 8:00 on Thursday. :slight_smile:

Now for some real video:

Here are the facts:

  • 8" Mecanum drive directly driven off of AM Toughbox Nanos geared at 12.75:1
  • Custom 2x1 tube chassis
  • Three stage (two cascading stages) elevator lift using teflon pads at contact points
  • Winch powered by single FP with standard gearbox driving a 2" drum
  • FP Victor is set to “motor brake” mode for a slow drift for scoring
  • Elbow joint is balanced with surgical tubing and powered by a single window motor
  • Roller claw has a hinged upper arm held tight with surgical tubing
  • Rollers are driven by independent BaneBot 550s running 1:144 gearboxes (this will be changed to 1:132 in Milwaukee if the new gearboxes ever arrive)
  • Total weight as shown (minus bumpers and battery) is 106.0
  • Minibot works but will be improved; deployment still being worked on

Mark, we can’t believe it either =)

The electronics have taken some abuse the last couple of days, but additional measures have been taken to prevent this from happening again.