pic: 1675 Awards

I present to you the team awards that the Ultimate Protection Squad, Team 1675, will be giving out on Saturday at the Midwest Regional. On the left is the finished version with fully free-spinning gyro. Awards are:

“Drove it like you stole it” - Best Drivers
“You should be wearing a cape and tights” - Best Human Player (we have a super hero theme going on)
“Wish it was ours” - Best Robot
“Super Uper Sidekick” - Best Partner (Uper is “You-Per”…not because of the Upper Penninsula…but because we are the UPS)
“Marth Stewart” - Neatest Pit

very cool kevin!

Thanks, but I can’t take much credit for them! By the way, the rings are the leftovers of the material we used for our lift system.


Those are VERY nicely done…great job!

These awards, top them all. Give them out wisely.

Congratulations to:

754 - Neatest Pit
167 - Best Driver
111 - Best Robot
269 - Best Partner
71 - Best Human Player

Enjoy your awards - may the Gyros spin more freely with time!