pic: 1675 Before and After

On the left we have how the robot looked at the Team 537 pre-ship scrimmage on Sunday. On the right we have how the robot looked at about noon on Monday…only 29 hours until ship!!! What will it look like in Chicago??

Whoa, your front wheels look exactly like 4 wheels on our robot, but ours are placed differently. But looking at the rest of your drivetrain, it looks like it can turn really well with the casters…but possibly too well???

Sweet. What did you use for guides/slides on the tubes? Is that a turntable function too!?

i am loving those hooks

The black rings you see around the tubes are just nylon that we lathed a hole into. They will no longer be functioning as slides though (weight issues lead to functionality issues…). Inside the tubes there are no guides or anything…it seems to work well just the way it is. Feel free to stop by our pits in Chicago (if you’ll be there) or the Championship (if we qualify) and see how it works.