pic: 1675 Pod Front

Front view of one of our wheel pods for 2010. Obviously the chain is not in yet, nor are the collars and spacers. This is our first attempt at this type of wheel housing.

Is that mechanum swerve?
Seriously though, that is a unique way to package the mechanum drivetrain.

That’s cool, but I have a question, is it a Mechanum, or a Swerve/Crab Module? Or some combination of the two that I have never heard of?

It looks to me as if it’s just a housing for a mecanum wheel. I personally think it looks pretty cool.

That looks like a very interesting couple, but how well does it work when you quickly change direction, becuase wouldn’t you just slide sideways when you change direction? That must be a beast to program! Good luck, can’t wait to see some video of it in action!:]

Looks to me like a way to add a suspension not make some terrible mecanum/swerve concoction. Look at the other picture, there’s no bearing or sprocket to rotate the module.

I look forward to seeing the rest of the robot here in MN.

It looks like a way to just make a really nice modular design with a smart suspension to keep all 4 mecs on the ground even if the frame is a little warped during welding.

Great stuff, try adding a standoff somewhere in between the plates though for a bit more rigidity.

yeah, judging by the way the spring is, i dont think its a swerve drive, but rather a suspension for the mechanum, possibly also to kep the motors out of the way from where a kicker might be

The wheel and sprocket actually ride on a dead axle which serves as the standoff for the bottom of the housing.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. We’re very anxious to see these babies in action too…but just wait till you see the final product (refer to the gold plates a few pictures previous):smiley:

One down, 7 to go!