pic: 1676 Nearly Flips Over

The bumps are giving all the teams fits. 1676 went vertical after trying several times to get over the blue bump in one of its matches.

Vertical? Pssshhh. That’s nothing for Weeble. Teams at Jersey can attest that we went MORE than 90 degrees onto our front without tipping over - members and mentors actually worked out how long those poles we have had to be so that we wouldn’t tip! I mean, it is the robot’s motto (c’mon, 1676, let me hear you):


Cutting it kind of close there aren’t ya?

I saw one team, 87 or 86 who would routinely flip over during a match, but would right them selves by using the momentum they flipped with or by using their dome. That was the neatest thing ever.


True fact.

I believe we’ve gone to 120 degrees before. Either way, the robot will never tip over.

I really like this picture, by the way.

I hope I’m not revealing too much too soon, but Boston is less than a week away. Team 1350’s robot can flip 180 degrees and keep on going, all mechanisms are either duplicated on both sides or can pass through the frame from one side to the other.
It’s really cool looking too, but then again I’m really biased.:smiley:

It was us (Team 86). I’m glad you enjoyed it haha =)
The bump still can be annoying at times when I flip the bot over backwards a couple times before I am able to get over.

We can also flip completely over. Happened once in Traverse city and just a few minutes ago in West Michigan.

NICE! Just out of curiosity, what type of bumper fabric is that? It looks sort of like a semi plastic fabric type stuff.

I can’t say for certain what it is, but you’re right, it is something like that (this is based off when I felt it - I’m not on the team this year so I don’t know exactly). The blue bumpers are permanent, and when we are on red, we just have an elasticized red cover that fits around the blue set.

Congrats on your second regional win. You guys are climbing up the ranks really fast.

The bumper fabric is the basic 1000-denier cordura from Seattle Fabrics that lots of teams use. It’s plastic looking and shiny because we coated it with “Mod-page,” a decoupage coating that we used so the numbers wouldn’t peel up at the edges.

I also love this picture - it’s a great view of the inner workings of the bot. You can see the kicker, the transmissions and 8-wheel drive train, the winch motor and transmissions, the safety-stripe roll bars.

The beyond-90 degree wobble-back is a big thrill and a huge crowd-pleaser. Since the first few Jersey matches, huberje has become better at going over the bump flat and fast, so we don’t show the wobble much any more. It showed up a little when he was trying to figure out how to park on the hump in Virginia practice matches (also a crowd pleaser).

I must ask - how did you get all of those holes in the side plates/how long did it take you? That looks like a really great way to be able to move stuff around.

I’d love to say we spent hours at the drill press, but the truth is, one of our team parents workplace has a CNC machine that drilled all that out. Kids designed it in CAD, sent the files and material to “the shop”, and they came back a few days later.

The holes are on 1/2" spacing, and having that adjustability and flexibility for moving stuff around really came in handy during build, without much impact on strength.

yeah we were paired in one practice match and y’all started trying to park on the bump… not knowing that your bot apparently can’t fall over we danced back and forth trying to keep you up and keep out of your way at the same time lol