pic: 1678 Offseason Robot Progress

Almost done, just a few more assemblies to put together. We will be competing with it at Madtown next month!

How did you manufacture the gear teeth on the turret and the variable angle ball holder? What kind of tolerances were you able to hold?

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One of our sponsors does laser/water jet cutting for us. The tolerances are pretty tight, but the teeth mesh very nicely with the other gears. The turret did end up having a little bit of slop in the gearbox, but not too bad.

We’ve waterjetted many 20 and 24 dp gears over the years at exact size without issue.

254’s turret this year was water cut.

148 does a fair amount on laser.

Very interested how this turns out. What drove the decision to make a turret catapult?

Not only is this catapult on a turret, the ball cradle slides for different shot trajectories…


Few things:

  1. You guys aren’t using it at CCC? Thought this was going to be one of the 3 you all are playing with.

  2. How does it intake?

Anyways, this thing is hands-down awesome. Even if it’s not done, you should still bring it to CCC so we all can see it in person!

We wanted to try some mechanisms that we had never tried before, and the programmers wanted to work more with vision. A lot of the reasoning behind our decisions was “because we can.”

Could we get another picture of the bearing setup on the turret? :slight_smile:

It’s the same as what 254 did for season, a 1601-washer-r3-washer-1601 stackup on a #10. This rides on a 1/4" plate (or 3/16" if no washer).

Iteration of what 1323 did in 2012 but w/ smaller bearings.

Looks like 1678 caught a little bit of the small robot fever for the offseason. Can’t wait to see some pictures of the completed robot.

Quick glance told me it was a swerve drive :wink:

Looks cool. Interested to see how the intake works.

  1. Not at CCC. We will only be competing with one bot at CCC. Our 2016 Adrian practice bot will be driven by team 299. The rest of our students are volunteering.

  2. Intake is mostly assembled, not mounted though. There are other mechanisms still missing as well!

Maybe we’ll bring it to CCC, but we have a lot of other stuff to do just to make the event happen!



That is a very nice looking robot! How is the catapult powered? I don’t think I see any pneumatics or elastic tubing. Is it motor driven?

I’m just curious as to what that thingamabob is in the corner. Were your machinists bored?

That’s a Turner’s Cube.

Devin’s pride and joy.

The catapult will be powered by both surgical tubing and pneumatic cylinders. We just haven’t mounted them yet.

Looks gorgeous, hopefully one day I can dive into the CAD of this thing.

Gotta ask though, what’s with the giant rivets?

Awesome looking bot! I can’t wait to see the final product.

How will you access the electronics for maintenance or repair?

PS. Love the random things in the rest of this photo