pic: 1678 Offseason Robot Progress


That reasoning has led you this far, and it looks stunning. Did any prototyping in the offseason go into this, or did you perhaps test a catapult during the build season?

I would love to see some more pictures from different angles, or maybe even a video once it is operational :smiley:


This robot is absolutely beautiful. I hope y’all will show it off at ccc. I’d love to see it.

We got those by accident during the season, and are just trying to get rid of them.

The entire turret assembly (and everything on it) can be unbolted from the drivetrain, but the electronics are a huge pain to access.

We did a couple of weeks of prototyping in June, but the rest was done in CAD over the summer. I will upload more pictures when we finish it, along with some other specs.

With great difficulty and possibly tears :stuck_out_tongue:

The electronics on this bot are pretty crazy, given how small it is. We ended up needing to mount the PCM on the turret, because it won’t fit elsewhere.

You’re seeing one of the two independent shot adjustment mechanisms :wink:

My boredom and associated hijinks are the stuff of legend.

I assume an adjustable hard stop? I don’t think the adjustable cradle is enough with a single throw length to get a fender shot, and considering I see what appears to be a mount for spring assist, you’ll need/want some kind of Hardstop. Maybe that’s what the empty pocket in the plate the catapult rotates around is for? A VP to adjust the throw?

Everytime I’ve looked at this picture (a lot of times) I’ve noticed something cooler. My favorite part may be that the catapult is offset by ~30 degrees on the turret to allow for a longer lever arm.

This robot is all about the little details, pun intended.

Yes, there is an adjustable hard stop that uses a custom tiny disc brake. At least that’s how I understand it is going to be.

Has 1678 bought up the world supply of disc brakes? You guys sure do love that stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to see this up close (as I’m sure others would as well) so I’m curious if the team would be able to show some of the details that we might not otherwise catch in photos like these. It would be a fantastic learning experience.

Otherwise, wicked cool stuff! Props to the team for the hard work over the summer.

Did you build a functional prototype of the catapult with all these articulations?
I get the feeling that building the prototype would be a major challenge in itself, probably worthy of CAD.

I’m guessing one of the missing mechanisms is something to hold the ball in the arm cup when driving? Or does the intake do that as well? Can’t wait to see the whole thing - please make a release video!

A release video would be sweet!

This robot is looking awesome I cannot imagine the headaches y’all had fitting everything in a size similar to Mittens, but without the arm. Looking forward to seeing this at Madtown.

The things that caught my eye are the compact compressor bracket and the wheels.

It looks like you cut openings in the polycarb and then bent it.
How did you bend it? Was it heated in an oven and then put into a form?

On the wheels, they look worn down. Did you sand off tread to make it turn easier?


We built a catapult prototype, but not with the adjustable stop, scoop, or turret.

There will be a pair of omni wheels that help to hold the ball in place, and pivot downwards when firing.

We cut the polycarb on our CNC router and made the bends using a heat gun and a press/break. The wheels are just used ones from the season, nothing special.

Got a part number or link to them? I haven’t seen those before but they look intriguing.

Blind Rivet Supply sells a wide assortment, they’ll be labeled as “large flange” rivets.

Well, we did prototype the adjustable scoop, just as a manual adjustment.

Fastenal is where we got them.

Definitely a swing away from the usual simple swiss knife style, but I love it. Wish I could be at Madtown!

You know you’ve made it big when people assume every imperfection is genius!

I intended to watch this robot play at Madtown, but I apparently tuned in too late.
How did it turn out? What were the learning experiences?