pic: 1678 Wiring

We pulled off our shooter/hopper for replacement at the Sacramento regional, this is a shot of what our robot’s drivetrain looks like without any robot on top of it.

All…the…spaghetti wiring!

Lol, looks like it will take you guys a while to rewire that! Good luck!

I see, the magnetic fields cause by all the looping wires allow you to 30 point climb by levitation!

Reminds me of our robot. That’s all I’m going to say, except leaving you with a bit of techie humor:

Do you know what a sound technician’s favorite meal is?


I think the sideways cRio tops it all off! :wink:

I know that feeling. In 2010 we cut 7 inches off our robot to fit under the tunnel at the last minute. This had one issue, the cRio was about a smidgen too tall. So I mounted it sideways and hooray everything fit and we went on to race under many tunnels.