pic: 1678's 2014 Robot - Beca

Photo of Beca during the 2014 Silicon Valley Regional

Simply amazing. This thing is a powerful and sturdy machine. I can’t wait to see it perform at Championships!

Like! :smiley:

Awesome robot. Glad I got to see this in person a few times. I think 1678 built one of the most versatile robots in the world this year. They can play a variety of positions, and will nail you with hard defense, something we certainly found out. :wink:

Something I meant to ask: is there any logic behind the different colored wheels on the ball holder inside the robot? (Blue vs Orange) Are those banebots wheels as well? Was the wheel color chosen for aesthetics, or was it because of the vendor supply, and that was the only color available in the right size/durometer? Regardless both subsystems worked very well. A very nice machine from the Citrus Circuits this year.

And to think only last year, your wiring looked like this…

Amazing job this season. You’ve risen from a “what number again?” team at the 2011 SAC regional to a truly world class team in 4 short years. Congratulations on the awesome season guys, and good luck at CMP.

What’s the story behind the name?

It’s to honor and remember one of our mentor’s (Devin Castellucci) late wife. She passed away last summer.

Thank you. I’d bet anything that she is proud :slight_smile:

Why do you guys have a different BB wheel arrangement between your two intakes? That’s bugging me :wink: .

Basic answer: The team had hundreds of dollars worth of Banebots wheels left over from last seasons frisbee shooter version one. They’re all 1/2" hex bore, so the whole grabber assembly really came together quite simply.

Slightly longer answer: We use the orange wheels on the primary intakes because we a) had more of them and b) they’re slightly gripper than the blues. We use the blues on the secondaries because they wear out slower, and the secondaries tend to rub on the ball for longer periods of time during our ball settling routine.

Pickup geometry is not the same on both sides. There is a gap between wheels in the front intake to allow the ball to pass through without jamming. Stuff you figure out after the whole thing comes together :slight_smile:

…And the business team was not happy about the situation…:ahh:

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I was looking at a scouting sheet for newton and your drivetrain seems amazing, 8fps at low and 22 at high, the faster robot i know of and i’m sure you’d push most ppl. Great Job

if possible could you guys post the way you adjusted your shooter tension?:yikes:

We didn’t have a precise way of adjusting speargun tubing tension; rather, we added or removed wraps as we thought necessary as we calibrated the shot. (I believe we ended up with about 100 pounds of force as measured at the top of the catapult in the fully cocked position.)

However, we could adjust the catapult throw by changing adjusting a nylon strap attached at one end to the top of the catapult arms and at the other to a bearing sled that moved along slots in the main catapult frame. We could also move the spiral cam’s distance from the shaft that it pushed on to change the overall crank-back of the launcher. Adjustable fingers managed fine shot tuning.

I would love to see detailed picture of what you are describing.
If you will be at Mad Town, I’ll swing by your pit for a closer look.

I wont be at Mad Town do to the fact that Im in minnesota could you send me a pic of your pull down mechanism?

I wont be at Mad Town do to the fact that Im in minnesota could you send me a pic of your pull down mechanism?