pic: 1678's Offseason Robot

Battery for scale

Wow, that’s small! Are you making a 1296 clone to go on top of that chassis, or was this just an practice chassis?

Where’s the bench grinder?

No Bench Grinder here. But I will give you some hints.

This robot will be playing Stronghold.
It will shoot.
It will incorporate at least two mechanism design types we have not built previously.

Have fun speculating!

Are pre-rookie teams going to use this robot at CCC?

We’ll have functional 2016 competition/practice robots for pre-rookies at CCC. We’ll probably have 1678 kids driving the new bot. We want to make sure we’ve worked out the kinks on the bots for our pre-rookies :smiley:


It’s a turreted catapult.
It’s not like one of your members already said what it was on chief or anything

I guess the next question is will the pneumatic catapult turret be on an arm?

Using the search function takes all the fun out of it, lol.

I am a little sad that it won’t be able to fit in a VEX sizing box. It’s not too far off.

125 had the same depressing realization earlier this season. We kind of wanted to just see if we could do it, but it likely would’ve taken too much functionality out.

I loved the small robot. Yours looks somewhere around 20x20, which would make it about 4" shorter than our bot. You should fit in the moat and only need half the ramparts too! The funniest part about it to me was the ability for one person to carry the robot around.

Love the look of the base. I’m seeing a bearing hole? In the center of the drive tubes, will it be a 6wd or 4wd?

6WD, 2 mini CIM ball shifters. The CIMs were too long…

The struggle is real… We almost had this problem also. Lol

VEX U does 24" cube for one of the bots. :wink:

775pro? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: