pic: 1706 Ultimate Ascent Vision Program


Moments before a qualification round at the St Louis Regional, 1706’s on board processor was already tracking the target. This program is much different that the 2012 one, it differentiates between the 3, 2 point target via an aspect ratio, which the magic value was 2.4. That is, if the length of (in pixels) of the top and bottom added together divided by the sides was greater than 2.4 but less than 5, it was a 3 point. If no 3 point was seen, it started giving the cRIO a 2 pt target data. A unique thing is in autonomous, we used our vision solution to track and adjust by how far we were from the target, so our autonomous worked at any point on the field as long as we could see the 3pt target. A paper will be posted in the next few months with the process took to achieve this, looking towards November. If anyone has any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!