pic: 1708 robot

Tell me what you think?

What is that box near the back of the robot? It almost looks like a speaker.

Nice looking robot.

Well this is the final design of our robot that we shipped in the box. I unfortunatley did not go for the Inventor design award this year… but tell me what your thoughts are…

That is one of our fans that we stablilized on a piece of lexan.


I like the look of the manipulator. I makes your robot look a little like a praying mantis. :smiley:

Yeah we did name it the Mantis actually after that fact you just put out there. Thank you for the comment. :yikes: :slight_smile:

I think that the ability to fly through space is pretty cool, making for some extreme hurdles.
Also, the grasshopper move is very effective (watch Karate Kid II).
Now, seriously - nice robot, it is quite unique. I’m sure that it is fun to watch in action.

Well thank you…lol well i thought i might as well but another background in becasue i was bored.

very nice.
the bumpers don’t look perfectly realistic. But that doesn’t matter much. What powers the arm?

really good looking robot!:cool: