pic: #171 is back for more!

This was a few hour before ship yet, there is a little more to it, but nothing too major. We wanted to have a midget run it but settled for a 4-motor drive instead. See everyone at St. Louis, let the good times roll!

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Very nice Jeff!!!

I see you brought back your snow blower tires, mega traction there!

Couple of questions:

From what height on the field can you hang (floor, 6", 12")?

Can you trigger the bonus ball?

What are the pneumatic cylinders standing vertical on the front for???

Great job guys, looks like another BSH workhorse from Platteville.

Good questions and thanks for the complements.

  1. We must be on the top platform to hang, but we shouldn’t have too much trouble with that.

  2. Yes

  3. we use those to kick from a 4 wheel drive to a 2 wheel drive, more mobility. They can also be used for extra height when hanging.

What takes the hook up? Winch? Rack and pinion?

It’s telescoping. There is a 1/4" pitch chain in the inner portion of the boom. The chain is held in at both ends. That’s run up then by the Van Door motor with a sprocket on it.

Is the chain just runing a tanget to the sprocket or is it somehow wrapped around somewhat. Could you post a picture, it sounds very interesting.

I don’t have a good pic for you right now. The chain runs tangent to the sprocket. If you’ve used Bosh, 80/20, or anything like it you’ll find it has channels in it on each side. The chain we use fits in that channel such that it runs in tangent to the sprocket. With the motor fixed and the chain fixed on both ends to the inner tubing it will run up or down. Hope this helps to clarify things, I’ll try to get a pic for you though.