pic: 1710 Teaser

I think you get the picture.

Looks good, but a few questions:

1.) How fast does the CIM allow the arm to translate from one side to the other?
2.) Is it driver controlled or is there some sensory input?
3.) What is the total area covered by the arm?

I would be scared of shooting against that.

Time to get the ball-tracking camera code!
Looks cool! and sort of similar to an idea I had

I can’t wait to see it in action.

I like it

Makes me think of this air hockey robot.

so the squares fold in, then the cable pulls down the whole thing? and the CIM motor allows you to go out of the goalie zone by turning it down? looks awesome though!

1.) we are cuttentally running it at .7 speed but it takes about 1.5 seconds to do that so about 1 second at full speed
2.) the arm is driver controlled
3.)The arm covers the lower half of the goal and a little bit more so no balls can get in if they are in range.

Sounds excellent, I should have been more specific in my first post though. What is the total lateral distance that it covers?

Something around 60-70 inches. I would have to double check with CAD team to get the specifics.

Yes the squares do fold in, but they don’t fold down.

My team spent several days debating if we should build a robot very very similar in design to this one. Your team is going to have a fun time this year.

Very impressive design that has a 50% shot to be 254’s worst nightmare in autonomous. lol

How have you tested it’s durability for competition? Those balls can be flung with quite a bit of force depending on the robot and with a moment arm that long on a component that thin…could be rough. Even if you’ve rigorously tested, I’d still recommend using that 45 lb. allowance to bring several replacements for the blocker (and any other critical components connected to it).

Best of luck to you guys in Oklahoma this week!

+10 for originality. I hope you guys do well.

That is one robot I would not like to see on the opposing alliance.

Looking forward to seeing this thing up close. Up Next 3528 hopes we get partnered WITH you guys in OKC this week.

Are you able to receive and pass balls when you are not playing goalie? Do those wings block the alliance driver’s station view?

We are capable of ‘herding’ balls, but other than that, pure defense. The wings don’t block the view of the driver station substantially, view is not affected greatly. Wings also don’t need to be out when playing defense.