pic: 1710's Recycle Rush Chassis

Picture is upside down because iPhone unpredictability. Two mechanically identical chassis for our robots this year. Will be building up starting monday.

It’s still week 1… not too late to ditch those casters!

You’ll get a much more predictable drive if you pull them, even if you just switch them to unpowered omnis.

I think I know where you are going with your design… Anyway, have you tried the caster wheels on the edge of the scoring ramp. We use casters as part of our prototyping for quick chassis builds and the casters always want to go down the ramp and when you are driving parallel to the ramp, you will be scrubbing your wheels causing a lot on inconsistency in you drive. Just want to throw our testing out there. Good luck with the rest of your design. You have a good start!

We have some programming in place to make the casters easily controllable. We did drive this chassis before it was stripped back down the the basics. I’m confident in the chassis and our driver. And, believe me, unless you have some inside information, this chassis will tell you nothing about our strat or design.

After prototyping and a design review by our mentors, we WILL be playing offense this year,

^(Link to story)^

Why, though, when omnis will accomplish the same effect without the added weirdness?

In 2013 we tried to used casters, but due to their inconsistencies while driving we sub for a huge chunk of shaved down of HDPE for a sort of stand. we found they worked great and just slid across the carpet.

Your code affecting the driven wheels right? I don’t see anything hooked up to the castors in that picture.

Please elaborate.

Going to have to mirror what everyone else is saying I’d rather see a pair of skis on the front of that then casters. Not to knock your work though. Fantastic job!

Casters are evil and should be avoided at all cost.
If I see them on a robot they are almost automatically removed from my pick list.

While I think that’s a good idea for most games, and I would almost never choose castors myself for a drivetrain, I don’t think that’s a fair bias to have this year.

This year needs to be approached differently in every aspect of it, including alliance selection. Don’t let years of bias creep into this year, when some things actually don’t matter.

If 1710 scores more points that x 6 wheel tank, or y 4 wheel mecanum (and fills the void that my alliance needs), I’ll pick them.

How large is the traction wheel and how many wheels are there per side?

Obviously the 2 separate chassis combine together to form one large chassis!

With a large rectangle void in the middle, perfect for storing and stacking rectangular objects…

That would be interesting. Blue bot will be for drive practice, black bot goes in the bag.

Your first problem is Apple. If you couldn’t reconfig the pic, then the second problem is more suspect.

Your second problem is the casters. But since you couldn’t realize the problem with the use of Apple (really? posted upside down?) then you do have problems.

But wait - maybe the misuse of the apple machine and your problems posting a right-side-up machine may be a hint!

Auggghhh! A red-herring! Your are planning to use your posted frames as intake mechs and use the casters as feeders.

Really - I give up. What in the heck is going on?

Good Luck and I wish you the best!

Edit - yes, there is a lot of sarcasm in this post.

Arcade style drive on the controller.
Turtle mode for precise driving.
Encoders on either side to match RPMs when needed.

As far as the iPhone issue, if I flipped it it would post upside down, and if I didn’t, it would post upside down. I gave up.
As far as the robot, check back on the Saturday before bag day.

Perhaps I’m missing something, but how does that prevent the castor from free spinning and scrubbing while turning or traversing the scoring platform?

Interesting to note that if I open just the image itself in Chrome, it flips it right side up for me.

I also second those saying casters will be difficult to control. They like to do funny things when changing direction, and will provide inconsistent turning resistance. At the very least, make them ball casters so they ride smoother. Omnis will drive nicer still.