pic: 1712 appreciates everyone who helped along the way!

hey rich thanks for the shout out. I hope the part inspired by us is the drive train.


We would like to thank the following teams for their ideas; team 25 for their 6-wheel-drive system, team 95 for ball pick-up system, 103 for extruded design, and team 175 for their hopper design.

In addition we’d like to thank team 341 for their continued support throughout the entire rookie process, inlcuding the loan of a bot for ramp riot! Thanks to team 357 for their appearence at our school last year and for that last-minute master switch! Also gracias a team 1114 for the CIM shaft adapter.

Always glad to help!!

Just make sure that after all of this work, you have FUN at Regionals. (and maybe Nationals :wink: )

Don’t forget that we are just a phone call away!

Best of luck in the weeks ahead!