pic: 1712 is full

I think highly of my team, but last Tuesday, Dawgma was a huge disgrace.

Most of the team had left and around 6 members were still there. We ordered pizza. After most of the pizza was eaten, one piece was left–but everyone was full and, believe or not, reluctant to take the last piece!

What true FIRST team can’t eat all its pizza?

. . . can I have it?

WOAH THERE!!! I totally ate that piece, I just wanted to make sure no one else wanted it…:rolleyes: Our team always finishes what they started…most of the time. :smiley:

Pizza… no! no more pizza for next month or two!

Those are some greasy slices. Tasty!

most of the time…

It’s not my fault I don’t like pepperoni!

I’m in the mood for some pizza now…stomach growls Yep, pizza sounds realll good right about now…

i also offered to eat it but i thought chuck would eat me