pic: 1712 Members Enjoying Themselves at Philly Regional


This was before the final ceremonies, and a few of the members of 1712 decided to start dancing it up to the music…

…o god… i’m the second from the right…Ira, i can’t believe you posted this!

(I like how you can see Zac in the background, looking at us like idiots :P)

Hahahahahahaha, you guys are way cool! nice pic Ira!
:yikes: :smiley: :yikes: :smiley:

oh get down and boogy with ur bad self haha

It isn’t anything that hasn’t already been posted on our website… I’m just making it more available to the public :wink:

I have other good ones if you want…

omg… was my haircut that bad…drivers cannot be seen like that…please ira cut me out of this photo