pic: 1712 version of JVN high reduction gearbox - 2

Close up of high reduction gearbox.

how much is that?

If you zoom in you can read the plaque, which explains that it is 12x 12:60 (1:5) reductions, totaling a 244,140,625:1 ratio. If you turned the input at 100rpm, it would take 4.46 years for the small wheel to complete a single revolution.

Maybe if we could get the SIM-CHICKEN-WRANGLER consortium to use this in their drive design next year, that would open up the doors for some other teams…

that’s doing the math and SAVING THE WORLD!

That 'ought to be some kind of “best design” award.


Nice! A couple of years ago I built a 59000:1 gearbox out of legos as a demo for my FRC team, but this is even cooler.

it would be neat if they showed it in a video!