pic: 1712 Week 5: Autonomous Testing

A photo mid autonomous test of FRC1712, Dawgma. Using the camera, the robot will find the target, move towards it, and shoot the balls when it gets to the right distance. Scores 5/6 or 6/6 =)

Here is a link to video of a test:


Looks scarily similar… :ahh:

I think we are going to see a couple more robots with a very similar configuration. We have a very similar concept to you guys, with a couple slight differences to have more control over the balls. Good luck this year!

Thanks, you too! Our awesome engineers from Lockheed Martin are working hard to try and put a viable autonomous package together. We still have camera calibration to optimize, some smoothing functions to reduce spinout, and a few CRio hiccups to iron out, but it looks like we’re on our way at least.