pic: 1717 at the San Diego Regional 2007

1717 was the #8 seed at the LA regional, and made it to the semi-finals. Currently they are 12th seed at San Diego and won the imagery award.

The have the largest platform of any of the lifters at LA or SD. Look for them to go far again.

Thanks Joe. We did go far… unfortunately we just came up a little short at the hands of a robot I would personally like to see win it all :wink:

Note: That the panels are also bi-folded in in the front of the robot… i’ll post a picture soon with the wings out (12’6" wingspan) - the top flap is already folded out and a front flap folds out as well as a corner flap which ultimately increases each dimension by 12". So, the platforms when unfolded have dimensions of about 46" by 44" and a parkable area of over 2000" The black holes at the bottom left and top right corners are where the gas springs protrude - you can see the front two aluminum housings just below the elbow joint on the arm

I really liked your materials selection for those platforms: the rigid foam with aluminum facesheets was incredibly stiff, yet very lightweight. Great robot!!

Thanks. That was one facet of our design that we were particularly proud of. One adult (maybe a mentor) from another team once told us: “I love these panels so much I just want to make love to them” lol. Thanks tho, they were the result of many many iterations and hours of hard work.

That quote was followed by: “I bet I can find a 1/4 inch drill bit somewhere around here.”

I must say, 1717 gave us a run for our money in finals.

I really liked you wing layout, there was so much room, that I think one of your students said, “I could park my car on it”

And there were guards in the back to run into.

Kudos on getting past the weight- we had a tough time with ours (1 week before ship we were at 137 pounds). That “wing” material was incredible.

Ya, that was me that alluded to being able to park a car on them - they are pretty freaking huge… And the only thing that allowed them to be so is the aforementioned “material” which is the result of lots of thought and work and is superlight while also incredibly rigid.

Good job on making weight 696. 17 pounds is a lot to shave in one week, you need a little bit more than lightening holes for that… We were panicking when we were 4 pounds over, great job guys.

Good luck in Atlanta.