pic: 1717 Fills a Goal

This was the first match I walked in on.

what a wonderfully, beautifully, elegantly designed robot! does your helix roller idle against the ball with those brushes, like 148’s does? wonderful robot guys!!

woah I didn’t know they left the tags on the orbit balls, I would think they would be ripped off.

lol nice job. Amazing there was a team like that at the pittsburgh regional. They had an amazing robot. Nice drive train and wiring guys.

lol… i would expect them to rip em off too!:ahh:

Yes it is swerve drive! In the past we have gone exclusively with 6-wheel dropped center chain drive, so a belt-driven swerve drive has been a real learning experience. I was the one tasked with modeling the drive module in solidworks, it took about 12 hours to finish, and is composed of about 30 different parts.

As for the brushes, the core does stop spinning when we are not collecting or shooting. It saves power, and the brushes have enough friction to keep the balls from rolling back down.

Here are a few pictures that our friends on team 1726 took of our robot. The second-to-last one is my beautiful wheel module.

Thank you for your kind words

you guys where amazing at LA and where a crazy chalange to play against in the finals. I cant wait to play you guys again next year!

Nice robot, can we get a pic of your intake rollers also?

Oh and do you have a kicker roller that leads balls into your shooter

I just uploaded a shot of them picking up a ball on the practice field. Keep an eye out for it.

Yeah, it is a lexan roller with tread on it, FP motor I believe with a planetary transmission.

Here is another picture of the lower part of the robot, showing the intake roller and brush assembly. I should have spent more time to get better pictures…oh well…

I took a video of Team 1717 during their practice in the pit.
(I hope you guys don’t mind that I posted this. I was definitely impressed by your drive system and had to show some colleagues of mine)


Note that its in divx format.

That robot is absolutely beautiful!!! IMO that is the best looking robot this year and possibly ever in FIRST

Thank you very much, this means a lot coming from 1771. You guys have a great looking, black, helical, turreted robot too. We teams with the numbers 1 and 7 have a lot in common. Your laser chassis is pretty impressive as well. My fellow students in the machine shop had to work pretty much constantly to turn out the hundreds of parts in time to go to anodize during the build season. The robot ended up looking great.

Thanks again, hopefully we will see you in Atlanta.

Thank you as well. I think we do have some link with the 1 and 7. We seem to have turned out very similar robots and both are quite stylish. I always look forward to the robots you guys put out and your video looks incredible as well. I hope we can bring our robot to the Championship but if not I will for sure be there and stop by and meet you guys. Good luck on the rest of the season.

a very pretty robot as usual and does it really have 10 jaguars:ahh:

We do have 10 jaguars. 4 for the drive train, 3 for the ball management system, and 3 for the turret