pic: 1723 FBI's robot "Melman"

You guys should be proud; it took me about two minutes to determine if this was a render or a photo. Looks really polished and effective, and I can’t wait to see you guys this weekend.

Thank you, that means a lot. We’ve worked really hard this season and I think the whole team can agree this may be our best bot yet. Good luck this weekend!

Does this name have any significance that relates to the giraffe from Madagascar?

Yes. When the elevator and intake are fully extended the robot resembles a giraffe. Of course we also named the practice bot Gloria.

Watched your practice bot run cycles over the weekend and are really looking forward to seeing you guys compete this week, good luck!

After Bkeeneykid said this, I had to roll back up and look. I thought it was a render too. But the igus and the chains would be a pain to get right.

Great looking robot. Hope to ally with you at Heartland.