pic: 1726 2007 robot before ship

Here is our second robot as a team. We still have yet to decide on a name for it (there are so many possibilities!), but we drove it around quite a bit and it works great!

  • 6WD, 2-speed AM gen 2 transmissions on fiberglass chassis
  • modular 12" robot ramp, 4 bolts hold it on
  • 1/16" aluminum mast, 1 clamp holds it on and everything unplugs in a jiffy
  • claw with latch
  • camera on top of mast (oooh!)

last but not least is the awesome lexan tube arm

well, that’s our robot, see all you arizona teams in phoenix and davis!

lol I know those are vinyl. But how cool would it be to have rawhide bumpers? :smiley:

Definitely a possibility for next year…

hey that looks like a great robot, how does the rampes go down? cant wait to see u at the competition this year. its our first year lol:ahh:

Looks good. Does your arm rotate on a turret?

The ramps are held in with a pneumatically actuated pin and spring out with the help of a gas spring. Stop by our pit anytime in Phoenix if you want to look at it up close!

Nope, it can only move up and down at the joint at the top of the mast. It does have one unique feature though, in that the arm comes off with just one bolt! Everything has gone through extensive design to make sure that it will last through competition and be easily fixed in case something breaks.

Are you supporting the shaft of the Banebots gearbox on both ends for the arm? I can’t really tell from the picture.

The shaft is only supported on one side, but the sprocket is about as close as it can get to the motor to keep the load to a minimum. We haven’t had problems with it yet, and we do have a backup on hand if things start exploding.

Detail picture:

Here’s a video of it deploying: