pic: 1726 CNC Mill

Getting ready to CNC mill the slot in the carbon fiber/titanium telescoping arm for the NERDS FIRST robot.

I see the carbon fiber, but where’s the titanium? Is it an overlay over the CF tube? I also love that terminal, is pulled off an older machine?

Make sure you keep the vacuum handy, CF dust is nasty stuff!

Actually I think the Amdek monitor is newer than the computer…which dates from 1977…the mill is from 1980.

Here’s a press release for the monitor from 1986 (scroll down to MONITORS)


Fortunately ABS dust is not quite as nasty.

So it is… thought it looked a little too shiny. :o

The bulge in Squirrel’s cheeks come from his tongue not because he has them full of acorns.

looks cool, the next step up would be a CNC router.

We got our CF arm and titanium telescoping insert back from the powder coater and put them on the robot.

Still have a few more parts to mount…but it’s getting closer



If it’s just a straight slot, why use a CNC mill? Seems incredibly easy to do manually.

By the way, beautiful robot - you guys look more prepared than us, that’s for sure.

so, did ANYONE figure out that the computer is NOT connected to the mill? It’s just an old (very old) computer sitting on the desk in my shop, and the mill is in front of it. I did fire up the computer to take the photo…but it’s just asking for the cassette tape to be run so it can execute a program on it’s Z80 cpu.

I cut the slot manually. And it’s ABS tube, not Carbon Fiber.

I’m old enough to remember when most computers were just “green screens”. Some monitors were orange only too.

The first computer we had was a PC Junior with a whopping 16 color monitor…ahh, that was the life back then! :stuck_out_tongue: Now, where’d I leave that 5 1/4 floppy?

…it’s sitting on the shelf between the 8" floppies and the CDs.

Cassette tape storage is where it’s at. If you don’t have punched tape (or cards), that is.