pic: 1726 Final Chassis

Here is our final chassis after sanding and a few coats of white Krylon. It is basically the same design as the prototype/beta/test chassis, with a few changes. We rounded the corners for aesthetics, added handles at the back (the front can be held by the ball opening), and put some holes in the sides for a better view of the drive components for maintenance.

Nice Chassis, very unique. Whatz the weight and specs on this baby.

It’s about 22 lbs as shown? including those 2x4s that hold up some mechanism parts and add strength to the hitch area. 4 wd, single CIM on a toughbox on each side, the sides are 3/4" Baltic Birch, ends are 1/2", top and bottom 1/4".

I’m really proud of the team for putting the 2x4s in there…not something you see on a typical robot…