pic: 1726 Lunacy Wood Chassis Design


This is the basic design for our chassis this year. It is a wide 4wd or 6wd setup powered by one CIM (the Toughbox model I already had shows two, but this is not how the bot will be set up) per side through Toughboxes and some pretty sweet wheels we’ve picked up. We plan to build this and use it for testing mechanism ideas, and if there are any changes needed it should be easy enough to build a more refined version. We should have the frame done by the end of today, watch out for progress pics.

This looks awesome. What type of plywood are you planning on using? Also are you using epoxy or wood glue?

We’re using birch plywood. The wood will be attached using reular wood glue and staples.

Baltic birch I am assuming? I am looking into wood this year as it seems like I can build a much better frame for this game from wood than aluminum. Now I just need to convince the team that a wood frame can work.

We’ll know in about two months :slight_smile:

Cool. Is the front part of the bot open for ball collecting?

Yes, the front opening is for ball harvesting. This frame is designed toallow as much room low to the ground as possible for anything that the manipulator might need.

Small update: we got the frame glued and stapled together today, went pretty quickly. The bare frame (no motors, transmissions, wheels, electronics, anything) weighs 16.4 lbs.


looks awesome! So how strong is it? I can’t wait to get ours going together.

We haven’t put much weight on it as the glue is still wet, but I expect it will be a little stronger than our pre-season prototype.