pic: 1726 NERDS Robot 2015

The NERDS robot for 2015. Features two separate 4 bar lifters, lower one stacks a tote (or a stack of 1, 2 or 3 totes) onto a tote or the step or the scoring platform. Upper arm can lift a container from from the base, to set on a stack of up to 5 totes. The versatile claw can also grasp a tote either lengthwise or sideways, and can grasp a tipped container to right it. Kit chassis with 6" wheels, geared appropriately. We’ll be playing at the Alamo and West Phoenix regionals.

Very nicely done! This is probably the nicest 4 bar solution I’ve seen so far, and ditto on the wood - very clean and effective-looking.

idiots and arrogant teams tend to scoff at robots made of wood but to anyone that knows Their materials this looks to be a solid robot.
“wood is not velvet”


You can’t see the 2x4s from this angle, but there are three of them. :smiley:

Very nice. I particularly like the way this design appears to keep your center-of-mass in a reasonable place while carrying a stack. Difficult thing to do this year.

That was a constant concern during the design phase. I’m really surprised we don’t see more inclined lifts, though… but I know of two that will be at the other AZ regional.

Wood is good!

We had some nice experiences using aniline dye on our baltic birch and maple parts before varnishing. You can get some nice bright colours, but still have it look like wood.

Hope it goes well this season!


Complements on the design and the overall craftsmanship. Love the wood. It should be easy to troubleshoot your electronics. I’ll bet the team members placing your robot on the field appreciate the handles.