pic: 1726 Steamworks Robot

The N.E.R.D.S. robot “Bob” to play Steamworks. Gears, climb. No fuel. Approximately 24" cube at frame perimeter. Kit chassis, active gear mechanism. Climbs the normal field rope.

Looks good! Will we see you at Duel tomorrow?

Wish I could say we were well along. Trying to do lots of conveyors for the first time, and ran into major difficulties in getting pulleys made. That’s why we still have a few days left…

Nice, I see you are still making use of the plywood. What was the reason you decided on no fuel mechanism?

So, does the visible pneumatic cylinder pull the gear holder in and out of frame perimeter? And what’s the wiring going to a the top? Intake notification?

You are climbing the normal rope? This is interesting. What was your reasoning for this? And how did you go about it? Looks good!

I noticed the corners of your bumpers have the cut noodle facing up. We have the same thing and were wondering whether or not we need to cover it with the fabric.

I can’t speak for 1726, but our interest in attempting to climb the field rope was 1) having more flexibility on which rope position you climb to save match time (you can climb the nearest rope, rather than potentially having to travel further to get to your own rope) and 2) saving the extra complication/risk associated with needing to bring, inspect, and maintain your own rope(s).

At some point around week 2 or 3, we decided that using the field rope was constraining our climber design too much… we opted to go for something that could enable better acquisition and a lighter, more compact climber design. I’m optimistic that we chose the best option for our team.

The gear chute is over the bumper (outside the frame perimeter). You have to be with in your frame perimeter at the beginning of the match.

If you look at the base of the gear mechanism, the whole chute appears to be on a hinge, with a pneumatic cylinder in the back to actuate in and out.


Yes, the gear mechanism is hinged. It pops out like that, so that we can more easily align with the loading station when there is fuel on the floor.

We decided to not play with fuel because “it’s a trap”. I think it was a good decision, but we’ll see how it plays out. We have a young team this year, and knowing what it takes to make an effective fuel robot, we decided it was beyond our capabilities.

The wires go to a camera, and lights.

Duel in the Desert today!

You need to cover up all of your bumpers with material.

See R29,

“The cloth must completely enclose all exterior surfaces of the wood and pool noodle material when the BUMPER is installed on the ROBOT. The fabric covering the BUMPERS must be solid in color.”

We may of done ourselves a favor going with a Velcro climber, maybe increasing our consistency with climbs, and even though our climber works there are still some flaws.