pic: 1745 chairman's award winner

Team 1745 wins the chairman’s award at the 2009 Dallas regional.

Congratulations you guys!
Job well done.

Man oh man, I’ve never seen a team color coordinate with the FIRST banner and the venue, that’s amazing.

Great job on Chairman’s and Website Award,

I knew great things were coming from 1745 when I saw practice scrimmages in Dallas early in the build season.


It was great meeting you this weekend!

Congrats to 1745 on the RCA, you guys are fantastic. Kudos all around!


Thanks everybody! I did not realize until now that we did color coordinate with the venue :slight_smile:

Congratulations. I only wish we could have been in Dallas to enjoy it in person! See you in Atlanta…

Thanks! It was nice to see all the WFA recipients at the Dallas regional give the trophy to the newest member of the WFA family.

PS Congrats to 148 on your regional win. You guys had to fight for that win, but it made for some great excitement in the audience :slight_smile:

Great Job…Something to truly be proud of. Good luck in Atlanta!


looks like we’ll be seeing you in atlanta;)

Great photo! Thanks for sharing.

Congratulations on your RCA award! Looking forward to meeting you group in Atlanta in April!

Tat’s awesome can’t wait to see you in Atlanta!!:smiley:

O and I’m completely color coordinately challenged so I think your team is the polar opposite of me in that. (If you can’t tell I’m also grammatically challenged)