pic: 1745 P-51 Mustangs 2009 Robot.

this is our 2009 robot as it was shipped.

15-20 ball dumper
top loading and ball picking abilities

4 wheel independent drive with “Momentum” Control
4 Vex encoders
2 Accelerometers
1 gyro
1 camera
. . 2 turn tables a microphone( for the Beck fans)

3 auto modes
a Runner,
a Hider ,
and a Hunter

We named it after a famous Egg. . . .

I have the mirrored ball on back order, but we will have it in time for the Dallas Regional. :slight_smile:

How much does that thing way? You won’t get as much traction if you’re too light.

Momentum . . not traction . . and its really being able to change your momentum that we want.

in our opinion traction fights will lose you the game. you want to be always on the move always with some velocity in some direction.