pic: 1745 Teaser #2

a gold handkerchief to any that knows what this is

This is your robot as of today?:frowning:

(Please, oh PLEASE tell me I’m wrong)

Hm…scale replica? You evil little buggers. We only had hand drawings.

Seeing how in CD Media the photo is tagged with “BEST”, and coupled with the fact that the robot looks a little on the small, lightweight side, I’d guess that this is their BEST, and not FRC, robot.

(Although I could be wrong. :))

Hey, nice bot. How did you guy splace. What was your top score?

yes that is our best robot. and they(the students, me being in college I cant touch it) did ok for only having 2 days of driving time with it.

as for this being our first robot . . I can say with 60% assurance that this is not our first robot . . well not the exact parts . . and not full design.