pic: 1745 Teaser #3

something just isnt right about this picture

Could it be that lack of real estate between the wheel and the ground? :rolleyes:

i see that you are not supporting the other side of your transmission output. bad idea, cantilevered loads like that make me cringe. try and find a way to support the other side.

yeah we already fixed that . . just wasnt on when the pic was taken.

You have no spacers on the gearbox.

There’s no bolts holding the endcaps on! Maybe?..

nah dude, they prolly are really woried about that 1/2" gapp between the ground and their wheel… I would be!

Sure it’s not the dirty work surface? Lots of things to go flying into the Victors there.
I see a caster wheel touching the ground (through the lower right of the wheel).