pic: 1746 Operation Cheesecake Platter

As a team that didn’t expect to be one of the top two robots on an alliance at champs, 1746 instead planned as best we could to fill a role as a 3rd or 4th bot on an alliance. We didn’t have can grabbers all season and didn’t have a great place to mount any of our own. We recognized equal value in adding a place to be “cheesecaked” but also giving ourselves room to mount our own can grabbers. This led to the creation of what we called the cheesecake platter, a 28"x 10" deep 1/8" aluminum plate mounted to the back of our robot.

We worked as hard as we could at champs to cheesecake ourselves, but weren’t able to grab a can through several attempts. Top teams in our division came by and showed significant interest in cheesecaking us, but it didn’t wind up happening as we didn’t get picked for playoffs. We are incredibly happy though, as this was the teams first time at champs since 2009 and a great experience for our students to see what top quality competition looks like.

Serving the cheesecake up on a platter! I was hoping someone would pick you guys just for the easy attachment points alone. Very cool idea!