pic: 1747 2017 Prototype Drivetrain Relesase

Link to step file: Dropbox - 2017PrototypeDriveTrain.stp - Simplify your life

This is the model for the prototype drivetrain the lead CAD student for 1747 has been working on in the off-season.

Connect the top flanges for the two pieces of sheet in the side rails. That’ll make it massively stronger. Box sections = good. You can then cut lightening and access holes back in. We cut square holes in the top and bottom to make it easy to access and save weight.

How would you suggest lining up holes on both sides of such a side rail? Cut the hole in one side and drill through the other side? Cut holes in both and do the bends really accurately?

We’ve considered connecting the top flanges in the past but werent sure if our sheet metal sponsor would be able to make the bend.

Ours can, so I imagine yours can. Our shops are awesome, but not specialty shops. They can use a goose-neck die. It’s pretty common. Keep the L/D ratio not too crazy. 1 to 1 is easy.

For lining the holes up, as long as you use precision equipment, and take all the necessary precautions, the holes will be within 0.01". Plenty good.

We bend our own by hand and can’t hold that accuracy. If we put a top brace on to box everything in we’ll water jet that plate with rivet holes and match drill into the flanges of the side plates. It never lines up with everything perfectly, but it certainly does the job.