pic: 1747's Robot


The robot’s wired up and running! :slight_smile: Here we are tracking the target and shooting.

How far can you shoot reliably?

Right now it looks like we are shooting a maximum range of 12-14 feet reliably.

Looks oddly familiar. You may see another Purdue FIRST Programs robot similar to that.

Ball storage? Also what is the ratio of the CIM on the shooter. Looks like direct drive? Otherwise really interesting bot.

As for ball storage, the entire robot is open to throw balls into it and to pull them from the ground.

The shooter is directly driven from the CIM. So far, we haven’t had an issue with the speed, nor much
of an issue with slow down after firing.

How well does the tracking work for you?

Surprisingly well, actually. The camera recognizes teammates from opponents and adjusts the turret to target the trailers automatically.

Robot looks great guys! See you at Purdue!

Cya then! But when do we get to see the Cyber Blue machine? :wink:

are you using an encoder of some sort on the shooter to know exactly what speed you’re shooting at?

Yeah we have an encoder going through the shaft at the opposite end of the CIM motor.

before that, we had a 2007 gear tooth sensor with a steel screw sticking out of the shaft. unfortuneately, we discovered only the sensor itself is legal, not the board it came on. then we bought an encoder rated for the rpm range we were encountering.