pic: 175 and 176 @ GSR

Aces High 176 and Buzz Robotics 175 @ the BAE Systems Granite State Regional.

Thank you Mechanical Mayhem 1519 and Aces High 176 for being excellent alliance partners.

Mechanical Mayhem 1519 was not intentionally left out of this photo. All BAE Systems sponsored teams had too meet right after closing ceremonies and therefore they missed the shot.

Thanks again to them and to our sister UTC/Hamilton Sundstrand-Windsor Locks, CT Team, 176 Aces High, for an outstanding weekend!

We were bummed that we couldn’t be in two places at once – sorry that you weren’t able to wait for us; the BAE Systems photo took a lot longer than we expected.

(I would note that our robot did at least show up for the 175/176 photo – that’s it on the cart at the far right of the photo!)

Would the original photographer be able to email me the original (uncompressed) photo? I’ll see what I can do about photoshopping our team photo in to get an alliance pic… Email username is “coach-streeter” and the domain is “mayheminc.org


175 and 176 strike again! Congrats guys!

I will do shortly.

  • Stu Karlsruher

Thanks! I think I’ll be able to put together a reasonable alliance photo. I made a quick draft which seems not too horribly bad, but it would benefit from having a hi-res image of 175 & 176, too.

File is 2.8 MB so I am having trouble emailing it. Will have to do from work in the AM.

Sorry we were under such a time crunch there! The arena staff and the takedown crew were all but tearing the field apart by the time 175 and 176 even had their respective teams on the field.

It would have been awesome to get a picture with everyone! As our teacher-mentor said to 176 and myself, in the past few years, we’ve played against both 175 and 1519 quite a lot, and it was an awesome experience for me as a drive coach to finally get to play with them. :smiley:

Thanks to Stu for sending me the original 175 & 176 photo! With the magic of photoshop, I’ve now been able merge the 175 & 176 photo with the 1519 photo that we took about 15 minutes later, after the BAE Systems photo was finished. The full alliance photo is posted separately at http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/36655

We were also very glad to have been chosen by Buzz Robotics 175 to join their alliance, and thankful to Aces High 176 for being incredible alliance partners. We’d love to be allied with both of your teams again in the future!

The real key to this alliance’s success wasn’t in the capability of any one incredible robot, but in a strong alliance of three excellent robots and a well-executed game strategy. The strength of the alliance (rather than individual robots) demonstrated itself in our upsets of both the #2 and #1 seeded alliances!