pic: 1757 2007 Robot


1757’s second robot ever. Capable of scoring on all three goal and picking up from the ground (provided it has something to push against)

can yall stay in the 72 X 72 dimensions?

are those three xboxs strapped to the back of your bot?!? that would be awesome…

We’re sort of hoping that the 72 x 72 rule isn’t heavily enforced, we can put our manipulator on backwards though and run the arm on the other side of the robot.

we’re basically praying that it’s not a big deal…

Umm, it’s a rule and yes it will be enforced, if the head ref thinks you violate the rule, they will have you checked out before sending back to the pit, if the rule is broken most likely you won’t recieve any points if you won the match.

(atleast that what has happened from previous years, correct me if im wrong)