pic: 1758 teaser #1

Hmm… what is this… o.o?

Btw, our robot is about 95% done. =D
For once in our team’s history we are close to finishing before the shipping date…

More teasers later.

thats a large half wheel of cheese . .

giant hard candy?

That would make a sweet ballast.

That is very punny! :wink:

I detect a catapult.

It’s a giant jawbreaker?

Or a plastic/fiberglass scooper?

second to the catapult idea.:slight_smile:

I say it is a half circle (hallow) component of a roller/conveyor system

Half a fan duct?

Looks like one of those high speed hand dryers.

I think what you are seeing here is a mold. For fiberglass vacuforming. I think the end part will be a transition segment for the top of the shooter (the part the ball presses against before it gets shot out)

thinking more on it it kind of looks like a rubber top like the pinball machines use to launch the ball.

safety helmet:D