pic: 1766 Teaser

This is our most recent model of our design. It will allow us to reach the top row while still being in the 4 foot category. We are still working on the pick up device and are open to new ideas.

I just thought I would start this thread to get some input from the FIRST community on our design. We are not certain as to what we want to use to grab the innertubes and are open to suggestions.

Well I am not going to give you a design to go with but I will tell you to keep in mind that there is only a 3 inch clearance between the ring and the spider foot. I will also give you the thought that angles work very nicely for circular objects such as rings. lol those are my helpful clues keep them in mind and I hope they help:D

Edit: This is of course talking about your arm designing part of things, the rest of your design looks pretty solid just make sure you have agood weight distrubition.

I like the design. My only concern is you might not be able to load the ringers and remove the spoilers.:slight_smile:

Well the chute might work for loading the ringers. The only problem is you’d have to line up side ways with the wall. It may take longer to do than you’re hoping for.

The way I understand it, they are planning on putting somethnig extra on that pole, but haven’t decided yet

Thank you for clearing that up. I probably should stated that it was a design in progress when I originally started the thread. We are uncertain about the manipulator, and appreciate all of the advice we get.:slight_smile:

I’m sure you are planning on putting your batteries, transmissions, electronics etc. toward the rear of the robot to counterbalance.