pic: 176's Red Baron II

Drivetrain -

  • 6 wheel drive, center wheel direct driven and dropped 5/32"
  • AndyMark 6" Plaction wheels
  • AndyMark SuperShifters

Tube Manipulator -

  • 2 stage elevator driven by a BaneBots 550 in a P60
  • Floor to top peg in 3.5 seconds
  • Wrist gearbox powered by a Window motor
  • Pneumatic claw, with floor pickup

Minibot and Deployment -

  • Minibot swings out on Window Motor with sprocket reduction
  • Pneumatics punch minibot onto the tower
  • Minibot latches on, and climbs the tower in about 8 seconds (working on faster prototypes)

We will be at BAE and CT