pic: 177 Controls Teaser

The toggle switches control our harvesting mechanism and power to our launcher, the sliding potentiometers control our launchers power and rotation, and the momentary switch is currently without function.

The easy button? That one fires.

as cool as the easy button is, I think that the red switch above it is far more intimitading. It reminds me of the kind they use to fire nukes with in all of those action movies.

I love it! Very nice integration.


Last year we tried to make a box that had lots of predefined motions for capping or loading positions. We ended up abandoning the project halfway in becasue it started to become too complex. If only we had used the EASY button it would have worked out! Nice job :).

I’m glad you put in the picture without the “master arm” switch. Now if only we had another 5 weeks to build a robot to match those nice controls.

I have to agree with Jack on how intimidating that red switch is. It should be a safety for the fire button.

I had the idea of the easy button at our initial meeting, at Fanuc Robotics. You guys beat us to the punch!

-Does it still play the sound when you hit the button?

Unfortunately, no.

Playing the sound requires the batteries to be connected that it came with, and external power to controls circuits is illegal. :frowning:

Yes, but it would be perfectly legal to connect something (like a discrete light or a soft tone) powered by its own battery to the giant button. As long as you don’t connect it to the OI and it doesn’t require AC power, you should be good to go, right? Don’t waste the big button.

YOU STOLE OUR IDEA!!! I actually went out and bought one of those easy butttons, but I never installed it.(Actually I’m a lazy person :smiley: :ahh: )

Good work though.

Team Driver/Designer

I’m not one to give the judges a hard time but I don’t think I’d force a team to remove the batteries from their easy button just because its an external power source. It has zero effect on the ability to control the robot or any practical capabilities for that matter. Besides its just too awesome not to allow. :smiley:

we had the same exact idea as well… it controls our auto targeting system… and it will speak!

I love our Easy Button. This is a reminder to our button pusher that shooting should be easy.

How did you cut the slots for the sliding potentiometers?

Once the controls team had a layout for the position of all the controls we mounted the box in our NC mill, programed it and cut all the openings.

Where did you get that big easy button?
Nice compact box, looks great!

Good luck this season.


Staples has ads with the “easy button” in them as part of their small-business services. You can actually go to Staples stores and buy the buttons. They say “That was easy” when you push them, but we had to disconnect the sound circuit to make it FIRST legal.

Thanks for that, I have seen the staples ads, but I didn’t know you could buy them anywhere!


Where did you get linear slide potentiometers that long?

Thanks in advance!