pic: 1771 crab drive

I saw another team talking about crab drive so I figured it was a good time to put up one of the ones I have been working on. This specific one is for a MIT grant we are working on however most of the pieces could be adapted to a FIRST robot. It is 3 wheel with the front 2 wheels steered together and the rear steered separately. Each module is powered individually.

Keep watching for my next one which is almost completely sheetmetal and therefore cooler imo

What is the front and what is the back? As in 2 wheels in back and 1 up front or the other way?

Other way. 2 in front. There is an elevator that goes between the 2 front wheels that is not on in the picture. Actually theres a lot more that I have added but I havent rendered.

I was hoping it was 2 in front, that tends to be more stable.

Very nicely done.

Are you guys have money issues, or is this grant just for fun???

Just wondering, but with the wheels housed in the box, would the wheels still be able to spin with the CIM’s attached?

I don’t think we’re having money issues…I mean more would always be great but thats just how it is. This is the base for an MIT Inventeams robot and I guess yu could say is just for fun. The modules are still free to rotate even with the CIM in the module. The tubes at the bottom are just there to support the module against side loads.

PS if you know where we could get more money that would be sweet :cool:

Just so you know, if you get the opportunity to build this before next year, BaneBots is out of stock and has stopped selling most varieties of their 42 mm planetary gearboxes. Seems the manufacturer just decided to stop making them. You’d have to trade with another team or use what you already have.

BaneBots is working on their own in-house design and hopes to have units available by next season.

Good luck with the grant!

:slight_smile: Was it us you heard talking? 'Cuz 2415’s also working on a crab drive, although our coach calls it crack drive.

Check ours out:

We’re still working on CAD, but we’re hoping to machine it at GT sometime this summer.

For money, there are great businesses present locally, and I’m sure they’d be interested in sponsoring the FIRST initiative. Like, hundreds of businesses.


Is the arm device going to rotate with the wheel direction? That would make the arm always face the direction you are going.