pic: 1771 frame

yes its wood. yes i think lasercut wood frames are better then metal.

I love it! We had our whole practice robot made out of would and it was lasered cut. I’m guessing 11ply Baltic Birch?


Frame has a bit of 2010 zest to it. Not that it matters, but I like it.

I had thoughts that perhaps after four long years of the 1771 reign over P’tree, we might finally be able to best you guys this year.

Oh well,
Sunny G.

Looks awesome as usual guys! Very excited to see the rest of another 1771 bot this year.

Post up the final product soon.

Thats just beautiful. Painted it almost looks like the whole thing is assembled from waterjetted 1/4" aluminum. The lightening patterns add to the deception. I’m looking forward to seeing this thing completed in the coming weeks.

Why did you hide the beautiful wood under all that paint!? I hope we can make a frame out of wood someday. Good luck this season!

Ha i thought the same thing as well. Until I read it was wood, I was saying to myself that it was the heaviest frame I’d ever seen.

Really nicely done guys.


My first love is for the robots where the parts were cut by hand but in this situation, I tip my hat to you guys for thinking outside the wooden box on this one. Very slick looking robot.

Looks quite gorgeous

I can’t wait to see the finished robot at Peachtree!