pic: 1771 Lowrider

:cool: very nice wood frame. how much does it weigh?

Oh, NOW I see why you liked my team’s chassis rail. :stuck_out_tongue:

How’s the traction? Aren’t 8wds so fun to spin with? I might build one in years with no obstacles.

Would you mind mailing me a copy of your chassis? What kind of plywood is that, it looks like you stained it?

Most likely baltic birch. Sean loves that stuff.

Sean, I saw the entire frame/bot, it looks so nasty XD

Are you painting it black later or leaving the stained finish?

Why am I up at 4:45 AM? I can’t fall asleep because our robots are actually “finished.”:yikes: Plus I have to be back at the shop in 3 hours anyway.

Total weight at ship is 113 lbs. It is Baltic birch all laser cut using our tabbed construction method. Traction is excellent with the colsons and with a gearing change already in the works should be a monster. We are also using timing belts in the drivetrain and so far. they are working perfectly