pic: 1771 possible summer prototype

This is a prototype drivetrain I have been working on after the season ended to improve on our drivetrain this year. Hopefully we will be able to build it this summer and work out all the kinks.

Custom 2 speed Dogshifter ( 5.6fps and 14fps)
Custom wheels
Direct Center driven wheel
Everything pictured which the only thing not included is chain weighs 32lbs

Hey, just wondering, What kind of metal is that on the chassis. And how much do u think this will weigh?

I’d guess aluminum is the metal. And from the picture description:

Everything pictured which the only thing not included is chain weighs 32lbs

All of the sheet metal is 1/4" aluminum. The 2 outer tubes re 1.5" square by1/8" thickness. The inner cross braces are 1" square by 1/16" thick. The everything pictured including motors and gears weighs 32lbs. The only thing left is chain and a few bolts. You need to get in touch with me and we’ll figure something out for you guys.

I would suggest making slots for where you mount the front and rear wheels, so you can adjust chain tension. It will make it a lot easier when all you have to do is pull it tighter to tighten the chain.

One thing that you cant see well in the render is the tensioning device. it is an axle with a sprocket on it between each wheel that we tighten 2 screws and it raises the axle, thus tightening the chain. This past season we did the slots for the wheels for tensioning and although it worked well, it required removing bumpers to tension. The new system does not require removing anything. So for a small weight gain we save a lot of time during competition.

Are the front and rear wheels raised slightly, and are you planning on using this for next year?
When I first read it I thought it meant the chain was 32 pounds, and I’m like “wow!”

The middle wheel is lowered 3/16". All of the wheels are custom traction wheels. We are planning on using it in the future as it is an upgraded design from this year.

We’re going to do the same thing except make a couple different drivetrains. That way when the game comes around we can choose whichever fits best and we’ll have experience with all of them.